Staff Software Engineer (Enyo JavaScript/HTML5 Framework)

Job ID
2013-2128 Santa Clara, CA, US


SVL - Come build the next generation web-centric platform with us

SVL is a newly formed lab at the heart of the Silicon Valley working on the next generation of consumer facing platforms. It has been established by the LG Electronics CTO group as the company's foray into the world of smart platforms. These are the platforms that will shape the next decade in consumer interactions.

By acquiring webOS and its core team, LG is demonstrating our commitment to the web and open standards as the building blocks for this new platform. SVL stands at the intersection of consumer web, consumer devices and content - providing a vision of a world where content and innovation are accessible from everywhere and the web is a first class citizen on any device.

The mission of our lab is to create a pillar of software innovation inside the hardware-driven company. We focus on complex problems around user experience and technologies that are directly applicable to products in the very near future.


The Job

Do you believe the web is the universal app platform of the future? Want to empower developers to build native-quality HTML5 apps today, targeting all major platforms from phones to PCs to TVs? Come join us on the Enyo team at LG Silicon Valley Labs.

  • Design and implement features of the Enyo JavaScript application framework and associated libraries and tools
  • Play a significant role in the ongoing evolution and refinement of the Enyo architecture
  • Convey the core principles of Enyo development to internal and external audiences
  • Review, provide feedback and approve contributions to the Enyo codebase
  • Write clear, thorough API documentation, and review documentation written by others
  • Be aware of the latest developments and trends in the HTML5 app universe, and have a strong point of view on whether and how they fit into the Enyo strategy
  • Be comfortable working in the open, with roadmap, designs and code visible to the open-source community
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related discipline preferred. Equivalent experience will be considered.
  • 7+ years experience
Required Skills
  • Passionate belief in the web as a universal platform for apps
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming principles
  • Previous experience developing frameworks, libraries and/or tools
  • Expert JavaScript development skills, including experience writing modular, object-oriented JS code
  • Ability to design and implement simple, consistent and maintainable component APIs for use by application developers
  • Deep understanding of the factors impacting HTML5 app performance, especially on mobile devices, and the ability to tune these factors to maximize performance across multiple platforms
  • CSS expertise strongly desire
  • Previous experience developing mobile HTML5 apps or frameworks strongly desired