At LG SVL, we value integrity and trust. We believe even the smallest gestures can deliver big results.

Our offices provide open spaces to collaborate, innovate and create. If you enjoy adventure, have a passion for problem solving, and generally can’t stop tinkering, this is your kind of place. And if you enjoy foosball and the occasional pick-up games of Nerf-gun wars, that’s a plus too. See our open positions

Art Dahm

Title: Developer Relations Engineer
Years with Company: 2+
Hobbies: Motorcycle, boardgames & hobby electronics

"I was an independent application developer going back to Palm OS and later with webOS before joining the LG SVL Developer Relations team. Now as a Developer Relations Engineer I enjoy helping to advance the progress of webOS and working with fellow developers to create cross platform apps using the Enyo JavaScript framework."

Vivek Sekar

Title: Product Manager
Years with Company: 1+
Hobbies: Photography, roadtrips, sketching & rock climbing

"I moved in from Finland, to join what at the time was HP webOS. As the company has evolved, LG SVL’s environment today has the vibe of a start-up, backed by the maturity of an established company. Now with the upcoming release of webOS for Smart TV, I’m working on some innovative components. It’s a really exciting time to be working here."

Kalindi Pathare

Title: Technology Publications Manager
Years with Company: Almost a year
Hobbies: Cooking & going on scenic drives

"After many years working for a Fortune 100 technology company, I was looking for opportunities in a start-up environment. LG SVL and the team offers just that – I’m working on new and exciting projects. It’s rewarding to see how my experience brings value to the team."